Munin Data®

We are a boutique consultancy that identifies and solves high-impact business challenges in the realm of Analytics and Big Data.

Our process

We place a strong focus on value creation and risk mitigation through an innovative framework.

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    Identify critical manufacturing processes in need of optimization. Gather and organize machine data specific to each process.

  2. a processor analyzing data 02


    Harness powerful Machine Learning algorithms to predict the outcome of each process optimization cycle.

  3. data being sent to a factory and increasing efficiency 03


    Deploy customized web applications, putting optimized processes into practice, yielding better margins and increased revenue.

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We believe that systematic decision-making is achieved through good software development, good data management and the correct usage of the scientific method and machine learning.


Novozymes A/S

Novozymes is the world's leading producer of enzymes, a catalyst used in everything in our daily life: washing powder, production of bread and yogurt, and sustainable agriculture.

We have been helping Novozymes at producing enzymes more efficiently and reducing the time-to-market of their products through digitalization. This has contributed to their 5% year-to-year increased productivity.

Energinet A/S

Energinet is the Danish operator of energy and gas transmission lines. Every household and factory in Denmark depends on Energinet’s infrastructure for electricity and heating.

We have been helping Energinet at better using their production and consumption data, thus reducing costs, wastage, and increase transparency of their operations to both internal teams and the public.



We believe that digitalization allows one to do more with less, which we are helping clients to achieve.

We give emphasis to working on projects that are environmentally and socially sustainable, such as helping to build a next generation data platform to enable new smart grid scenarios.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion by partnering with local organizations that enable disadvantaged groups to participate in education and the job market.